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Laura Biering


Love this poem. It has a ring of familiarity! :-)

Did you do your 15 today? If so, I am about to join you. If not, want to join me?

Love you,

Laura Biering

It seems I am having trouble spelling my own name. I vow that my lack of spelling / typing ability will not keep me from writing.

A question: I think you write on your computer. What do you say about those of us who write better - more authentically - by hand? And then have to transfer it to another doc on the computer? Any suggestions?

Laura (spelled correctly this time)

Dawn Goldberg

Thank you for commenting!

1. Yes, the poem should have a ring of familiarity as I wrote it our second day at the farm. :) It's sort of (but not completely) a continuation of my first poem (ever): http://www.writewellme.com/2011/02/dark-places-of-the-soul.html.

2. As far as handwriting vs. computer... I find that when I'm creating, brainstorming, etc... that needs to be done by hand. I used to do all my writing by hand, but after a while, it was just too slow. Now, when I'm actually writing sentences, I type on the computer because my fingers can almost keep up with my brain. By hand, no way. For you, I'd find a way to make it work. If you already know you create/write better by hand, then absolutely do that. And then retype (which might be a form of editing). It might not seem efficient, but you're embracing the process that works for you.


online ged

wow! lovely poem!
i freakin' love it! thanks for sharing..

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