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I believe that humans do search for that. It's a homecoming they want.

But it's easier for a monk; he lives in a community that supports him, and he doesn't have a mortgage, or food to pay for. When necessities are covered, it's not as hard to give oneself to something completely.

The majority of the rest of us do have to concern ourselves. So it's not as easy to give ourselves "completely" to something... to anything.

We give pieces completely, but that's not the same, in my view, as giving our whole selves to something.

If there's a "thing" that the average Jane can give herself to completely, I think it has to be the living of life itself--to moving through it, to accepting it, to being a-ok with it in all it's changes, and variances and forms.

If we rail against anything in life, we rail against life itself.

And again, I'm not sure it's possible, without obtaining enlightenment, to never rail against things that happen.

Love the post, my BFF :)


Dawn Goldberg

I didn't see the concept, "searching for a life to give one's self completely to," or my own exploration of the concept to be any kind of railing against life. I agree -- all that we can do is to live life - to be - always to the best of our abilities.

I've rarely railed against life (which is not to say that I can't find things unfair or become weary at all I have endured). I know there's a reason, even if I can't see it (or like it!).

What hit me when I heard that comment is that yes, people are searching for a life to give themselves completely to, and I feel that I've found that... and it's a dynamic that you would understand (more on that later, privately, if you like :). It's a wholeness, or, as you say, a homecoming. It's that feeling that pieces finally fit, that things make sense, and that there's an order, a system (which is way more left-brain than I mean) to surrender to.

No railing here. :)

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